Between Spheres — Yaping’s Exhibition

The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the art works by Ms Yaping Jiang, principal of New Star Art School, was successfully held at Steps Gallery (62 Lygon Street,Carlton South) on the 9th of September 2011. A large number of guests and visitors attended the ceremony. They highly valued Ms Yaping Jiang’s novel style as shown in her works of which eleven pieces were sold that night. For many years Ms Yaping Jiang has not only devoted herself to art education but also been exploring the fields of art. Using her own unique language, her works express the kind of thoughts and feelings that arise from the merging of two different cultures.

Artist’s Statement:

From the background that encompasses both East and West, I have been searching for an individual language to express a kind of thought that results from the merging of two cultures, confusion, acceptance, hesitation, compromise and assimilation.

I have attempted to demonstrate, from another angle, the uncertainty of reality, a kind of vulnerability, as well as its hidden new possibility.

I enjoy floating freely between sensibility and rationality, between the subjective and the objective, the being and the non-being. I look for order within chaos, strive for balance within uncertainty; I search for visual charm in fleeting traces; I display the journey of my heart through an incessant exploration.

Yaping Jiang