Yaping Jiang (Principal) Yaping graduated in 1982 from Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in China, and once taught at Southwestern-China Normal University’s Department of Fine Arts. She later obtained a diploma of art education at RMIT in Australia and for many years taught Chinese calligraphy and arts at University of Melbourne’s faculty of Chinese. Yaping created New Star Art School nearly 20 years ago, and together with the growth of the school throughout these years has witnessed the fruit of her hard work – the development of numerous young talents.

Yaping: “Seeing the seeds of art germinating in the hearts of the children, growing, flowering and fruiting day by day, and seeing how art is changing the human life, I feel very much rewarded but even more a sense of responsibility.”


John McCallum has had nearly 40 years’ experience learning art, and has been the student of many famous Australian artists, among whom Alan Martin (the academy school), Ron Reynolds (the semi-abstract school) and Yvonne Audette (drawing/painting from life). John has successfully held personal art exhibitions and his works are widely found in private collections. In New Star Art John has already had a group of little fans. His combination of story telling and learning drawing is rather popular among the kids.

John:”I love the natural creativity in young children and have a passionate desire to encourage the development of their drawing skills whilst leading them to the threshold of their imagination.”

Sha has studied children’s art, acrylic painting, drawing, oil painting, handicraft, pottery art, etc. She graduated in 2012 from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ School of New Media Arts and Designs, majoring in illustration, and obtained a bachelor’s degree of arts. Her works won many awards during her time at the university. Sha is always able to give the children a feeling of coolness.

Sha: “In my eye, drawing and painting is an artistic means to the realisation of mental images of landscapes and objects on different materials via different methods. As a teacher of art, I hope to lead the children in the development of their brain power, using different approaches and trying new materials, so that they can create more beautiful and more imaginative works.”

Krystal graduated with honour from Sichuan Normal University in 2014, majoring in digital media arts and was guaranteed a postgraduate place in the same year. In China she has had more than two years’ experie nce in children’s art education. Krystal is currently studying towards a master’s degree of education at Deakin University. Krystal works tirelessly and has achieved success in her teaching. Passion is the best motivation.

Krystal: “I like art, like children and like education, and there’s no job that suites me better than children’s art education!”

Sukyi Chin is originally from Malaysia and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English and Bahasa Malaysian. She studied Professional Graphic Design at Malaysia Institute of Art and graduated  in 2002 with a diploma of Arts. She has spent most of her career working in design, advertising and art teaching. Sukyi enjoys working with children and focuses on ensuring that they not only become better artists but enjoy having fun too.

Sukyi: “Art to me is quite subjective, there is no right and wrong. I find painting and drawing very relaxing and enjoyable. As a teacher, I like to leave some space for my students’ own creativity and to build up their confidence.”

Wenli has great passion for art and started learning art when she was 11. Since she came to Australia, she has been studying mixed media from Mr Manfred Horn in Malvern Artists Society. Wenli enjoys being around with children and has one-year experience in doing story telling class in China. Now she is doing her master degree in Teaching in Early Years and Primary in Monash University.

Wenli: “I believe building a secure and reciprocal relationship with children is the base for learning and exploration. I want my students to express themselves freely in the form of art in my class.”

Angela studied fine arts at the Repin Academy in Russia, and graduated with full marks from Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, achieving both bachelor and master degrees. She gained drawing skills as well as knowledge of educational psychology during her eight years of study in Russia. Some of her skills include painting, drawing, watercolor, printmaking and sculpture making.

Angela: “Both patience and conscience are important in arts education as I love fine arts and children. I want to inspire children’s creativity through drawing. It’s my hope to train them to express their various emotions through different drawing methods.”