Teacher’s Note: Ying zhang

Teacher’s Note – Ying zhang

Sophia Jiang 7yrs

These are a group of classroom pattern exercises. After going through various practices with stills and imagination, pattern exercises another type of intensive training aimed at enhancing students’ conceptualization and understanding of lines which they apply in practice. Lines are the most common, most direct and most powerful language and tool in conveying information in visual arts. Throughout the history many art works have employed lines as the main means of expression. In their later life students will find lines the indispensable technique for applying what they have learned to practical work in the real world. Therefore the practice of lines is a necessary and very important objective for students in their learning.

Pure line exercises are boring to young children, so how to motivate them by turning line exercises into interesting, full-of-fun activities in order to motivate the students, how to bring their imagination into full play in the process, and how to rapidly raise the drawing skills of students of this age group, is a hard task that I, as a teacher of art, often think about while performing it. The result is the following groups of drawings using patterns as the subject.

In this group of exercises the students used flowing lines at ease to create their unique patterns assisted by a high-low density contrast between dots and areas, succeeding in vividly displaying a subject that would otherwise have been very plain and unimpressive. In their creative process the young authors did not destroy the original structures of the objects. Instead they utilized the patterns to present to us the structures in a more clear, more powerful and more interesting way. The lively father and daughter, the cute and cubby owl and the very Chinese dancer are all the results of the young authors’ expressions of what they carefully observed and felt, using lines. The structure and contents of the drawings are full of fun, with patterns rich in changing but avoiding chaos – very successful art works.

These are just a few of many excellent works. As a teacher I really want to place every student’s works here for all to admire. These students are outstanding, the best of those at the same age. I’m also very much satisfied to teach so talented students, and firmly believe that they will enjoy a wonderful future as they progress along the road of arts.