Kids Birthday Parties

Here is a great idea for your child’s birthday party celebration.

Delight your guests and invite them to a New Star Art Kid’s Birthday Party. Our student’s gallery has the perfect fun atmosphere for a birthday celebration. Each guest takes home a masterpiece!

Party plan (90 minutes):

1.  5–10 minutes: visiting our student’s gallery and be inspired by the works of others.

2.  60 minutes: art workshop with children tutored by a professional teacher, creating their own masterpiece.

3.  20–30 minutes: celebrating the birthday, sharing the birthday cake, party food and present opening.

New Star Art provides

1. Venue’s decoration

2. Conducting the art workshop with a professional teacher

3. Art workshop materials

4. Party hats, candles, party food (including biscuits, chips, sweets, orange juice)

Please provide your own birthday cake.

Cost:  $480 (10 people), extra $20/person

Suitable age: 3 – 12 years old

Time :Between 10am – 1pm on Saturday or Sunday

Address:New Star Art Center, 635 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley

Book your Kid’s Birthday Party today!

Booking and payment required 1 month prior. Contact Ms Jiang 0417104975, email: