2011 Student’s Exhibition

On April 2nd, 2011

A Colourful, Silent and Vibrating Impact

A glimpse of  “Portraits – We Are the Same but Different”, a New Star Art School Exhibition

By Huang Xiang, 3CW correspondent

As a highlight in the celebration of Victoria’s Multicultural Week in 2001, “Portraits – We Are the Same but Different”, an exhibition of New Star Art School students’ works jointly held by Multicultural Arts Victoria and Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, was opened in a ceremony on the evening of the 26th March 2011.

A large number of people, attended the ceremony. Vice chairperson of Multicultural Arts Victoria  Professor Ruth Rentschler, Consul for cultural affairs from the People’s Republic of China’s Melbourne Consulate General, Chunmei Chen, and Commissioner of Multicultural Victoria Commission, Dr Stanley spoke at the ceremony and, together with guests, students and their parents, admired more than 300 art works by the young artists from New Star Art School.

In the elegant exhibition hall that is brightly illuminated, the walls are strewn with the young artists’ works that have been well arranged, suffusing the place with an absorbing air of arts. They include paper-cuts, pottery, masks, hanging plates, line drawing, sandpaper art and Chinese traditional paintings, comprising a variety of art forms and embodying unique ideas and children’s fancies. They vividly display the commonality and individuality of people from multicultural communities as seen by children with different skin colour and ethnicity, and are full of rich imagination.

Excited children vied with one another looking for their own “masterpiece” on the walls to point them out to their parents, and had pictures taken of themselves together with their works. Many parents were so thrilled by the opening ceremony that they found themselves saying, “This is fantastic! We’re totally surprised.” They felt very proud of what their children had achieved. The audience lavished praises on the exhibition of such a high quality.

What parents say about the exhibition:

“Firstly, we wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic showing. The quality of work and the entire production you pulled together blew our minds. It all looks so impressive. Secondly, we really enjoyed the speeches in particular your speech. It’s so refreshing to hear somebody speak from the heart and it came across so clearly that you love what you do – you should be very proud of your accomplishments.”

–David Gullotti ( Jacob’s father)

“The exhibition was a breathtaking display of vision and depth. It was amazing how each child in their own limitless capacity had really captured diversity without borders or hindrance.

The arrangement of colours and artistic development at all levels was astounding, indeed an absolute tribute to Yaping’s tireless dedication to each and everyone of her students. I am so privileged to have had the opportunity to attend such a momentous exhibition that blended each child’s artistic talent with their cultural heritage, visualizing the world through their eyes was a joy oozing equality and harmony through art.”

–Lakshmi & Dr Lakshmi Sharma (Sara’s parents)

“Congratulations to the great opening ceremony. As a parent, I am greatly appreciated your time, effect and passions for leading these young children to a totally new world. Very well done. and thank you.”

–Kathy ( Sascha’s mother)

“The exhibition was a  wonderful experience for our daughter! Tara was so proud to see her artwork on display.  It was also an amazing opportunity for children to be involved in Melbourne’s cultural scene.”

–Carol ( Tara’s mother)

“It was an exciting evening for not only the boys but also for Ross and I. It was a lovely environment for all the children to show case their work. Wow and what a treat to be showing in the city. I was very impressed by the children’s level of the art work. It is quite unusual to have an exhibition of children’s art work. It was simple, interesting and gorgeous. I would recommend friends and family to see this.

Thank you again Yaping for your hard work in putting together such an event.”

–Fairlie   (Lachlan and Alexander’s mother)

“My husband and I were very impressed with the exhibition: it was fantastic! We loved every piece of work on show. This is a great experience for the children. They will gain a lot of confidence by seeing they work exhibited in a proper art gallery where all the work, regardless of the age or experience, looked so professional and excellent and also it made aware of how well the public responded to their work: I know Esdra was very happy. It made our children very proud of what they can achieve as well as making us very proud. This is a great way to see what our children are expressing through their art and to see how much they’ve got to offer!

As we always say: our children represent the future and I think this is a great way to show it. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for time and commitment that you have towards the children, and I would like to thank everyone that has been involved in organising this wonderful event.”

–Angela and Vincent Sicari (Esdra’s parents)