New Star Art Open Day

On April 18th, 2012

Let art accompany the growth of our children

New Star Art Open Day

by Jerry Z

It was a sunny afternoon on the 15th of April 2012. The big “New Star Art” sign on the building of New Star Art School was especially eye-catching in the sunshine. Ms Yaping Jiang, head of the school, together with her team of art teachers celebrated the school’s first Open Day after relocating to its new headquarters in Glen Waverley.

Parents, children and Australian friends started to gather at the new headquarters at 635 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley. They marveled at and admired the kaleidoscopic collection of iridescent art works unfolding before their eyes as they walked into the building. They couldn’t believe that these works had been hand-created by children. Every corner, every space, was brimming with the scent of art. Every wall, every classroom, was radiating artistic talents. One would linger there, enchanted, reluctant to leave.

The team of teachers, young and energetic along with Bojo the clown, welcomed every guest with amiable smiles and magic. Their warmth, enthusiasm and professionally trained manner accompanied their introduction to the school’s facilities and the characteristics of its teaching style. The guests were very much interested in a number of the School’s newly designed programs. Bojo the clown entertained the children with fun and magic throughout the afternoon to the delight of the young children.

The free workshops for students of different age groups were specially organised for this occasion. In the class instructed by Ms Ying Zhang, the children created a variety of beautiful patterns and shapes with colour pens and scissors. Other children, in the animiation class under Mr Chaohui Zhan, tried stills in the form of cartoon characters in their own creative ways, producing all sorts of wonderful effects. The parents were overjoyed to see how their own children’s talents had been thoroughly brought out in front of them.
The traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting show brought the Open Day to its climax. Miss Tongzhou Zhuo, a teacher of the School, demonstrated to an admiring
audience the techniques used in creating a traditional Chinese painting of peony flowers. She completed a piece of such work and another of Chinese calligraphy in an unbroken flow, skillfully transferring colour inks to the Chinese xuan paper in different ways to produce different effects. She won applause from the audience, among them Australian friends who praised her talents that so much impressed them. The children who had watched the display were even more impressed, who immediately tried to learn how to use the brush on a piece of xuan paper. Their first journey of traditional Chinese arts quickly resulted in creative pieces.

Then the drawing competition began. Excitedly the children set their pencils to the paper. One colourful work after another was born. The entire hall was filled with the
young artists’ laughter, and the atmosphere of joy affected everybody present. The time of rejoicing always passes like a flash, but what is really valuable and significant is the wonderful experience of the process.

Let the children feel art. Let art accompany the growth of our children!