Exhibition Opening June 2012

On June 10th, 2012

Sow the Arts and Harvest Success

The Opening Ceremony of “All Creatures” – An exhibition of art works by students from New Star Art School

By Joyce

On the evening of the 7th of June, at the Whitehorse City Art Gallery, Art Space, Box Hill, the atmosphere was that of excitement as many people were in attendance. Special guests, students and their parents were among those who were looking forward to the grand opening of this exhibition, jointly launched by New Star Art School, Victoria’s Multicultural Art Commission and Box Hill City Council Art Space. More than 200 pieces of the students’ artwork is displayed, focusing on the theme “All Creatures”. Also on display are creature sculptures from the gallery’s collections.

The ceremony began with the opening address by Mark Lane, Mayor of the City of Whitehorse, which was followed by speeches of a representative of VMAC and the consul in culture from the Chinese consulate. They all fully recognized the contribution New Star Art School has made over the years to the promotion of the community art culture. The inspiring speech made by Ms Yaping Jiang, head of the school will long be remembered. As the school’s founding teacher, Yaping has emphasised that the cultivation of a children’s artistic creativity not only needs the efforts of the school, but also that of the parents and the students themselves. She felt very pleased and rewarded to see that children from different backgrounds had been able to fully demonstrate their talents on the platform built by New Star Art School. At the end of her speech, she expressed her gratitude to the sponsor of the exhibition, An Ying Foreign Exchange, and the teachers who had worked hard at the school. One by one, she introduced her teachers to the audience who responded with loud applause.

During the viewing time, staff of the gallery provided visitors with light refreshments. The children especially enjoyed beautifully decorated cupcakes, in the form of animals. Of course the most attractive of all were the hundreds of stunning art works on the walls of the gallery. The students, through their unique perspectives using different materials and art styles, reflected their individual appreciation of the exhibition title “All Creatures”, as well as their unlimited imaginative creativity. All the work was greatly admired by an enthusiastic and interested audience.  Radio station 3CW filmed many of the works and conducted some interviews. Students were jubilant when they saw their own works, and their parents felt very proud of them. The audience was full of praise for the high standard of the exhibited works. The bright, rich and vibrant colors, the flowing and dynamic lines, the vivid intriguing spaces and imagination, all made the enchanted viewers feel a deep euphoria of being bathed in the river of art. They lingered on, oblivious of time to go home, until suddenly being reminded that the gallery was closing. Everyone hurriedly produced their camera, and with incessant flashes the happy moment was recorded. As the people walked out of the gallery, they were greeted with night lights and chill of an early winter, though inside their heart there was a kind of warmth. Not only because of the passionate creations by the children, but more because we have seen the soul of the next generation of Chinese / Multi Cultural Australians, nurtured in arts, happily and stoutly growing in this land.

Exhibition location: Whitehorse Art Space Gallery, Box Hill Town Hall ( 1022 Whitehorse   Road, Box Hill)

Closing date: 31 July, Whitehorse City Art Space Gallery phone: 92626250 Free access