2010 ‘Drawing on Nature’ Exhibition

On June 1st, 2010


New Star Art School’s 2010 children’s’ EARTH — Drawing on Nature exhibition will exhibit at Manningham gallery during the Cultural Diversity Week 2010
(17/3 – 10/4/ 2010)

The project is designed to encourage young children to explore and discover the natural beauty in nature and develop an awareness, observation and appreciation of nature through creative expression。

The project will inspire the imagination of participants to create in a variety of artistic mediums, such as imaginative drawing, multimedia, painting, collages etc. They will use the various elements of our natural surrounds and the environment, such as leaves, bark,
flowers, seeds etc., and studies of flora, fauna and the landscape in general to express their artistic creativity。

The exhibition of these works will be an inspiration to the parents, relatives and friends of the participants and the public, to enjoy the children’s creativity and instigate a greater awareness of our responsibility to our environment.

This project support by Manningham City Council, Multicultural Art Victoria, Victoria Multicultural Commission. Sponsor by Ironfish investment company and Newway Art & Gifts Gallery.