Loving Nature – Student Shopping Bag Design Exhibition

On March 1st, 2009

In 2009, New Star Art School conducted the project “Loving Nature” to celebrate Cultural Diversity Week.  Students designed shopping bags using the theme “Loving Nature”, and exhibited them at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre during Diversity Week (15/3/09 – 22/3/09).

During the exhibition time New Star Art School and Box Hill Community Arts Centre organized a workshop to encourage children from different ethnic communities to design their own shopping bags. This creative and practical process served to enhance young people’s environmental responsibility, and helped inspire their artistic expression. The event was a cultural celebration.

This project was proudly supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Victoria Cultural Commission and Box Hill Community Art Centre.

I had the good fortune last night to have attended an opening of an exhibition at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre called “Loving Nature”

This is an exhibition of drawing and painting images of “loving nature” on calico shopping bags by young children.

It is a stunning display of exciting and unique artwork, technically and imaginatively brilliant. There are about 120 exhibits reflecting each child’s thoughts and feelings around nature depicted in a creative, thoughtful and colourful way.

It is liberating to observe how these young children have expressed a sensitive awareness and caring appreciation for our natural environment and bodes well for the future of this planet.

I was also affected by the quality and individual uniqueness of the work from children as young as three and half. I have rarely seen a collection of children’s art that is of such a consistently high standard, which must reflect the quality of the New Star Art School teaching.

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