2010 Melbourne-Anying Cup Children’s Art Competition

On July 23rd, 2010

An art competition of such scale has not been seen in Australia for many years. People came together to witness the fruits of Chinese Australians’ art education. The 800-plus art works selected demonstrate the blooming of Melbourne’s gardens of arts, which is worthy of celebration. The competition organisers, Anying Foreign Exchange and Chinese Age Media Group, have made significant contributions in providing children a platform to display their artistic talents, and also have been a model of cooperation and interaction between business, media and education to serve the wider community.

38 students from New Star Art School won prizes and awards. The children’s achievement is a testament to their teachers’ hard work, and also reflects the successful art education of New Star Art School.

We would like to share these student’s works and their creativity.

The Dream of Ballet

The Dream of Ballet (by Yingzhi Wang, 16 yrs, winner of First Prize in the teenage category)

The Dream of Ballet is characterized by a bold structure and light-coloured drawing. It is a portrait of a pensive girl lost in her dreams. The flowing and whirling lines in the background symbolize a dancing rhythm. What was her past and what will be her future? The viewer is left with a lot of room for his/her imagination.

The Burning Time (by Jack Shi, winner of the Second Prize in the teenage category)

The Burning Time — Fresh lilies accompany the frail candle light, a half-burnt candle that has been extinguished, and a dissected clock on the wall … burning time, between the real and the surreal, The dissection method brings the steady structure containing surprises and a flavor of surrealism.

The Venice Mask (Jessie He, 13 yrs, winner of the Third Prize in the teenage category)

The Venice Mask is a colourful work with an extraordinary structure and a magical charm., the still mask was reshaped to deliver a picture of a rich and fanciful Venice carnival.

Reflection (by Eastina Zhang 13yrs, winner of the Excellence Award in the teenage category)

Reflection is full of a novel flavor. Using just two water-based colour pens, the young artist arranged different lines to depict every detail indoors in an interesting way. The application of the dissection method gives the notion of “reflection” a new hidden meaning.

Free Dress Day (by Anina Zhang, 7 yrs, winner of the First Prize in the young children category)

Free Dress Day shows boys and girls of different ethnicity wearing their favorite colourful clothes on a school free dress day Their jubilant facial expressions are contagious. Dancing with joy in one row – that is what the little artist makes her viewers feel.

Thinker (by Jennifer Kouch, 7 yrs, winner of the Second Prize for the young children category)

Thinker — the little artist puts herself in the centre of the drawing that has a backdrop of a big Buddha with an Eastern touch. Cleverly, the standing figure of the boy also forms the nose of the Buddha, The small boy and the big Buddha, one in the front and the other behind, being complementary to each other. The whole work is allusively enjoyable.

Painting Cat (by Chelsea Zhang 8 yrs,winner of the Second Prize for the junior adolescent group)

Painting Cat — this young artist is very fond of drawing. The kitten shows that she is no less talented by dipping her paw and tail into different paint cans and creating a piece of work on the carpet. Is the little girl standing behind overjoyed or stunned? … She seems to be telling us an interesting story. We are able to feel the snug atmosphere and want to applaud her rich imagination.

A Little Cow (by Kaiyan Zhou 9yrs,winner of Second Prize for the junior adolescent group)

A Little Cow — Using simple tools and the special scratch technique, the artist created this work on a piece of scratch painting paper made by herself. The exaggerated sparkling golden images of a small ox and vigorous flowers and grass in the fore ..spring is in the air. The whole picture is formed by different patterns that harmoniously mingle with the images, reminding one of the characteristics of Aboriginal art.

My Father (by Margaret Zhao, 7 yrs,Excellence Award for the young children category)

My Father — The same scratch techniques have been used to present to us a woodcut effect. The young artist employed black and white contrast to depict her impression of her father – big head and small body, thick eye glasses and a scruffy chin. Although it is an exaggeration, those who have ever seen her father will agree that the image is a true reflection. In the background are her mother and younger brother. Maybe her father enjoys hamburgers so much that burgers with wings fly to him … We can’t help smiling at her rich imagination.

The young heart is highly valuable, and every child in their own unique way shows us their innocence, their colourful world and their dreams for the future. We congratulate all the students for their great achievements throughout this competition.

More award-winning works at 2010 Melbourne-Anying Cup Children’s Art Competition

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Happy Bus (by Geraldine L, 7yrs)

I'm Better (by Daniel J, 6yrs)

Ling King (by Nathan W, 6yrs)

Racing Car (by Jeff L, 6 yrs)

Tears of Memories (by Gigi L, 15 yrs)