Ying Wang

Name: Ying Wang
Age: 17 years
Ying is an outstandingly advanced top student from our school. Her combination of a solid groundwork, her rich imagination and romantic decorative style has reached a very high professional level that few others have. She was awarded the First Prize for the teenage category in Anying Cup Children’s Art Competition 2010.
Ying says: “I’ve been with New Star Art School since the age of 6, for a total of 11 years. Through these years, I’ve been so grateful for the opportunity that the art school has provided me with. It’s truly allowed me to explore art itself and develop my interest into a passion. New Star Art School is a fantastic outlet to explore different mediums, build skills and exercise creative thought.”
Ying’s works (click to enlarge):

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  1. Yaping says:

    Wonderful work! well done Ying.

  2. Yaping says:


  3. Charles Guo says:

    Impressive works by a 17 year old. You have great potential in this field.

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